The Financial Ombudsman Service is keeping Jes Staley, the rest of Barclays Bank's corrupt senior leadership, and other banks' senior leadership teams above the law fraudulently and dishonestly.

Staff are lying through their corrupt teeth with impunity because they are kept above the law by Rishi Sunak, Jeremy Hunt, Liz Truss, Sajid Javid, Saqib Bhatti, Mel Stride, and a corrupt judiciary.

The fraudulent FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN SERVICE and its "supervisor" the fraudulent FINANCIAL CONDUCT AUTHORITY ("the FCA"), are the two corrupt, criminal public bodies that routinely PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE to keep fellow criminals and fraudsters, Jes STALEY, BARCLAYS BANK, and its management team and other banks including Nationwide and Capital One ABOVE THE LAW for their crimes in the lead up to, during, and since the Financial Crisis of 2008.

The corrupt, dirty, incompetent merchant banker and Prime Minister RISHI SUNAK "LIED THROUGH HIS CORRUPT TEETH WITH IMPUNITY* when he, inter alia, dishonestly, fraudulently, and otherwise criminally:

(*such IMPUNITY afforded to him and his corrupt colleagues because he is PROTECTED FROM ABOVE, by the corrupt Conservative Party, the corrupt European Union (via the corrupt European Kangaroo Court of Justice and the corrupt European Kangaroo Court of Human Rights) and certain US bankers and businessmen that control the President of the United States of America, and the US Government itself).

Claimed/implied he could be trusted with Government accountability and responsibility when he was installed following not one, but two illegal coups to remove serving Prime Ministers, when nothing could be farther from the truth.

For the avoidance of doubt SUNAK led, along with the equally corrupt, dirty MP, Sajid JAVID, those dishonest, fraudulent, "public show trials on trumped up charges" to remove Boris Johnson.

Allowed the corrupt, dirty, and incompetent Minister of Justice and Deputy Prime Minister Dominic RAAB to avoid accountability and responsibility for his crimes that include, but are by no means limited to; removing the Rule of Law and the Right to a Fair Trial, made every court in the land a RAAB KANGAROO COURT, concealed BARCLAYS and other banks criminality, perverted the course of justice countless times, and LIED THROUGH CORRUPT RAAB TEETH to mislead Parliament and the public about those matters.

SUNAK failed to mention to Parliament and the public those facts, nor did the corrupt Mr SUNAK mention when Chancellor of the Exchequer he, like his predecessors, misappropriated millions of pounds of public resources and cash and mis-used the corrupt and fraudulent FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN SERVICE, FCA, Andrew Bailey, Bank of England, HM TREASURY, to defraud the public by an estimated £100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion pounds) by keeping Jes STALEY, the rest of the Spineless, Corrupt and Utterly Useless Management of BARCLAYS BANK, and other banks including Lloyds, Capital One, and Nationwide above the law.


Hunters of Paedophiles, their Pimps, and their Protectors including the BBC-Parliament Paedophile Ring and related BBC-Parliament Paedophile Blackmail and Extortion Scheme protected by every living Prime Minister and MP, and Mirror Group Newspapers, Rupert Murdoch, and Lord Rothermere's press and media, and Fraudsters including Rishi Sunak, Sajid Javid, Mel Stride, Liz Truss and my MP the murderous and duplicitous Saqib Bhatti MBE and his corrupt sidekick Katie.

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David and Goliath Black Paedophile and Fraudster Hunters

Incorporating Chartered Accountants fight to establish Fraud as a crime as statute provides in Fraud Act 2006 but denied expressly by West Midlands Police and implicitly by the corrupt Crown Prosecution Service, the corrupt Director of Public Max Hill, and the Birmingham Administrative Dominic RAAB Kangaroo Court.