Letter 2 of 10 to Prince Harry
All UK Courts are Dominic Raab Kangaroo Courts 
Can you trust your legal team?

Prince Harry's legal case is being heard in rigged Kangaroo Court.

Rishi Sunak, Dominic Raab, Suella Braverman, Sir Keir Starmer et al responsible for the removal of the Right to a Fair Trial and the Rule of Law by stealth.

8 June 2023

Reference: Prince Harry Letter 1 of 10


Dear Prince Harry,

Your cases are being heard in a Dominic RAAB KANGAROO COURT.  Until President Biden arrests Rupert MURDOCH, Jes STALEY, Jamie Dimon and others the UK remains lawless, governed by a “paid for” Parliament under the control of the United States of America. 


Every legal case in the UK is being heard in a Dominic RAAB KANGAROO COURT.  You must halt your cases now with immediate effect!  All UK court cases must also be stopped with immediate effect!  The JUDICIARY has been corrupted and all decisions are unsafe – they are rigged in favour of the corrupt UK Parliament, Government, the corrupt CONSERVATIVE PARTY, and its criminal partners that include the corrupt Labour Party and the corrupt SNP!

Parliament, EU Governments, even the US Government and President Biden himself are under the control of the very people you are taking legal action against.


Not one of them, nor the Government have notified you of their conflicts of interest. That is grounds for a delay.  Some of those testifying have undoubtedly committed perjury but they are protected from above which is unfair, lacks impartiality, and shows the court is not independent, more grounds for a stay.


Every member of the mainstream press in the UK is corrupt or will be corrupted as the Government and its PUPPET MASTERS get more and more desperate.  They operate in partnership with the UK Parliament as a MINISTRY OF PROPAGANDA AND MISINFORMATION, whose main purpose is to mislead, confuse, and delude the public so that Parliament’s criminality can continue unabated.


Parliament’s criminality includes, but is not limited to:


Sex-trafficking underage girls for blackmail and extortion.

Operating the BBC-Parliament Paedophile Ring.

Operating the BBC-Parliament Paedophile Blackmail and Extortion Scheme.

Murder – Sarah Everard, Caroline Flack, and others.

I am increasingly coming to the opinion that Parliament murdered the Queen and your mother, Princess Diana and with the help of Mirror Group Newspapers, Rupert MURDOCH’S press, Lord Rothermere’s press, Richard Desmond’s press, the Guardian, the Telegraph, SKY BROADCASTING GROUP and others, have concealed those facts in return for undue enrichment, monopolistic market conditions,  being KEPT ABOVE THE LAW by Parliament and the same politicians that control the JUDICIARY– united they stand or divided they fall.  It is incestuous, unfair, biased, and fraudulent.  More grounds for a stay and a reset of the 6 year rule!

Conspiracy to murder – yourself and Meghan Markle, Dominic Cummins, Mike Veale, and others.

Fraudulently conspiring with the FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN SERVICE, the FCA, BARCLAYS BANK, its auditor Price Waterhouse Coopers, and others to defraud the public by an estimated one hundred billion pounds.

Fraudulently inflating BARCLAYS BANK’S and others’ profits and share prices by moving one hundred billion pounds of contingent liabilities to taxpayer liabilities via the corrupt FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN SERVICE.

Bribery, blackmail, retaliation, intimidation, retribution, coercion, and other illegal activities to conceal its crimes and prevent anyone speaking out about their criminality and tyranny.

Concealing those matters from the public through the press that does not report those facts.

Concealing those matters from the public through the press reporting fake, false stories, smokescreens, and distractions e.g., ITV’s preposterous claim “Rolf Harris was just too famous and too powerful is complete balderdash.  Compare Rolf’s supposed power with his modern day celebrity equivalents – they are no match for the Government and a disgusted public.

Concealing those facts in fraudulent fabrications of evidence to pervert the course of justice with dishonest reports, investigations, All Party Parliamentary Groups, Select Committees meetings, fake stories in the press, and stage-managed fraudulent PMQs and other pantomimes in the members’ chamber for TV audiences.

Concealing those facts with bought and paid for judges in KANGAROO COURT decisions in favour of the Government’s criminal interests.


Of particular concern is the role of Sir Keir STARMER, the corrupt Labour Party, and its former Prime Ministers and Chancellors of the Exchequer and other supposed “opposition” parties that delude and mislead the public because they are not opposition parties but corrupt, dishonest, criminal collaborators and partners of the corrupt CONSERVATIVE PARTY.


Accordingly, Parliament is not going to allow you any sort of victory against their corrupt business partners that include Jes STALEY, Jamie DIMON, Rupert MURDOCH, Lord Rothermere, the owners of Mirror Group Newspapers, and others.


Therefore, your case is in breach of Human Rights Act 1998 because it is not being heard in a court that is:






These MASTER CRIMINALS must be arrested with immediate effect because left at large they will regroup and act to destroy any threat to their criminality.


You, I, and others including Donald Trump pose an existential threat to theirs and Parliament’s criminality and they all face the rest of their lives in jail and financial ruin if the public become aware of what they have been up to.


Single-handedly you are taking on people that control nearly all western governments, have corrupted European, ANZ, and UK economies, have engineered the War in Ukraine for economic reasons.


They are desperate men doing desperate things to keep themselves out of jail and avert financial ruin and will stop at nothing, including murder, blackmail, extortion, and they enforce that control through bribery, coercion, blackmail, retribution, retaliation, and duress.


They face trial in the INTERNATIONAL KANGAROO CRIMINAL COURT in The Hague for engineering the War in Ukraine and their attempts to escalate it into World War 3 possibly with China, New Zealand, and Australia.


They sex-traffick underage women, girls, and boys as bait in honeytraps, blackmail, and extortion schemes, including those formerly operated by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell to exert control.  Such extortion attacks including that on Prince Andrew which it is further alleged resulted in the regicide of HM the Queen.


They and others are in illegal partnership with the UK Parliament to conceal those and other crimes.  The press is part of the corrupt CONSERVATIVE PARTY’S unwritten illegal BRUTALISATION, INTIMIDATION, RETRIBUTION, and RETALIATION SCHEME.  The reader should acquaint themselves with the PERSECUTION OF MIKE VEALE whose bravery and dedication to service and to protect children dared to threaten the BBC-Parliament Paedophile Ring and its related BBC-Parliament Paedophile Blackmail and Extortion Scheme.


I have not yet fully evaluated how they are using the Phillip Schofield Scandal to their advantage, but it related to the BBC-Parliament Paedophile Ring as Mr Schofield is a former BBC DJ and children’s TV presenter, and so is undoubtedly a related matter.


Presently they are using the press to pressure you and your wife to drop your cases against their partners and including:


The BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, itv, Sky News, and others persistently running negative stories about your family.

Putting undue pressure on you through the blackmail attack on Prince Andrew and other personal attacks on your family to poison the minds of the gullible public.

Conspiring to murder you and your wife in a similar manner to your mother and it is alleged Dr David Kelly.

A plot to end the Monarchy.


It is alleged other extortion attacks include those on David Beckham, the Qatari Royal Family, and it is further alleged the owners of Leicester City, Everton, Birmingham City, and other non-US owned football clubs are subject to attack as they use the Premier League as a money-laundering scheme and plot a further attempt to implement a European Super League without relegation.


The purpose of the no relegation rule is to “fix” the minimum income at a higher level so that US venture capitalists can put higher levels of borrowing into the clubs so that more and more cash can be removed.  Of course, the fans and Sky and BT viewers will pay for years to come for these get rich quick schemes.  The great Warren Buffet claims venture capital “is basically corrupt” we should all listen to him.


But there is real danger here because all Police forces have corrupt or corruptible senior leaderships subject to immediate change on trumped up charges. 


SUNAK, MURDOCH, STALEY, and others must be arrested with immediate effect because of the risk they pose to world peace and their ability to change laws with immediate effect to supress and all opposition and take the country to an illegal war just as Adolf Hitler and Tony Blair have done in the past.


Furthermore, the UK is populated by imbeciles that believe the BBC is impartial (lol) and others so stuck up themselves they believe everything they read in the Telegraph. Except maybe they are not imbeciles because they have been submitted to this brainwashing and gaslighting since school days by the UK’s corrupt Parliament and greedy, corrupt, MASTER CRIMINAL MPs that have manipulated the education system, the police, the JUDICIARY, the justice system, to conceal their criminality and wrongdoings and they have misappropriated billions of pounds in doing so.


Hit them hard where it hurts them most – in the pockets and jail them.  All ill-gotten gains are recoverable under the Proceeds of Crime Act.  Let us see how many will be jailed and how many will face trial especially in the INTERNATIONAL KANGAROO CRIMINAL COURT.


All UK police forces are corrupt or corruptible should the need arise.


The IOPC is a corrupt so-called independent body that is anything but independent.  It acts under false colours to mislead, delude, and hoodwink the public that police criminality and wrongdoing is being investigated and dealt with in smokescreen, fake, dishonest, criminal, and fraudulent reports that are not acted on.  The IOPC is a smokescreen to allow the corrupt leaderships to continue their criminality on behalf of Parliament unabated, whist a few “sprats” are found guilty.


The reader should read Wikipedia on the METROPOLITAN POLICE.  From Stephen Lawrence and Hillsborough under the Blair-Brown Government to Caroline Flack, Katie Price, and current racism such as strip searching black under-age girls, the racism, misogyny, misconduct of officers, sitting on cases such as the Chris Pincher case until they can be used to eliminate political threats remains unabated despite numerous so-called independent reviews and investigations, that are anything but independent.


Successive corrupt Governments appoint weak, corrupt Chief Commissioners happy to turn a blind eye to the corruption in return for over-promotion and honours – Sir Stephen House, Dame Cressida Dick, Sir Mark Rowley not one has mentioned Government corruption, all hide behind corrupt Government reports the latest being that of Baroness Casey.


They all conspire with the corrupt Crown Prosecution Service, another so-called independent of Government body, that is anything but independent, in another dishonest, fake, fraudulent misdirection and manipulation of the public’s minds and will.


Enter the evil criminal Sir Keir STARMER former corrupt Director of Public Prosecutions that concealed the financial crisis, HILLSBOROUGH DISASTER, and shielded Sir Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, and other paedophiles so that the BBC-Parliament Paedophile Ring could continue its blackmail and extortion attacks unabated, and the paedophiles remained free to reoffend again, and again, and again.


The Crown Prosecution Service acts criminally in collusion with police forces and the Government to fraudulently obstruct, delay, and prevent cases progressing to trial where it suits BARCLAYS BANK, Jes STALEY, Lord Rothermere, Rupert Murdoch and his criminal sons, Richard Desmond, Mirror Group Newspapers, the BBC. ITV, Sky broadcasting Group, BT, and others.


Under this corrupt and fraudulent arrangement fraud in respect of large companies and BARCLAYS BANK, SKY BROADCASTING GROUP, BT, and the award of corrupt Government contracts and backhanders and bribes paid to current and former MPs is an unrecorded, unpunished non-existent crime.


The reader should acquaint themselves with Sir Keir STARMER’S removal of any threat for the left of his party for raising the corruption of the Financial Crisis including the public show trial of Jeremy Corbyn on false trumped up charges of antisemitism.


Further under this corrupt, misogynistic, and fraudulent arrangement fraud certain sex offences in respect of certain individuals are either non-events or held in abeyance awaiting use at a convenient time.  Examples that the reader should acquaint themselves on Wikipedia and form their own opinion on:


The likelihood Alex SALMOND was acquitted on serious sexual assault and attempted rape charges in a DOMINIC RAAB KANGAROO COURT or not.

Whether the way Mr SALMOND raised significant funds for legal fees was just and proportionate.

Whether Mr SALMOND was having a “free hit” at certain women knowing he was PROTECTED FROM ABOVE in return for betraying his party’s membership and acting under false colours by conspiring with Parliament not to pursue an independence agenda, despite party policy.

Whether Mr SALMOND and the SNP, and subsequently Ms STURGEON were blackmailed by the corrupt CONSERVATIVE PARTY post financial crisis.  Mr SALMOND was a former employee of Royal Bank of Scotland.


The Crown Prosecution Service further acts criminally in collusion with police forces and the Government to prosecute certain individuals in rigged public show trials on fake, sham, dishonest, trumped up charges in a carbon copy of former President Trump’s public show trials on fake trumped up charges for two impeachments and two criminal cases detailed herein.


Such public show trials form part of Parliament’s corrupt BRUTALISATION, INTIMIDATION, RETRIBUTION, and RETALIATION SCHEME


The lying fraudster Dominic RAAB and the removal of the Rule of Law and the Right to a fair trial without mentioning that fact to the public.


Today in the UK there is or are:

No Rule of Law.

No Right to a Fair Trial as required by Human Rights Act 1998 Article 6.

No chance of a fair trial where that trial involves any corrupt Government partner such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, BARCLAYS BANK, Mirror Group Newspapers, Associated Newspapers Limited, The Telegraph, the Guardian, SKY BROADCASTING GROUP, Jes STALEY, and others.

No Parliamentary Sovereignty.

No Democracy.

RAAB KANGAROO COURTS issuing rigged decisions in breach of Human Rights Act 1988 Article 6.


Despite his preposterous lies that his Bill of Rights would protect the right to a fair trial, following Robert BUCKLAND’S sacking by Boris Johnson, not only would RAAB back-stab Johnson with revelations at the Foreign Office whilst he was Foreign Secretary, but he also betrayed the country by maintaining BUCKLAND’S KANGAROO COURTS when Johnson over-promoted him to Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister.


For completeness, it is my belief that Boris Johnson was tackling the matters referred to above when he sacked the corrupt Sajid JAVID as Chancellor of the Exchequer and sacked the corrupt Robert BUCKLAND as Justice Minster.


The corrupt Robert BUCKLAND operated every court in the land as a BUCKLAND KANGAROO COURT, including the BUCKLAND KANGAROO COURT OF APPEAL, and the BUCKLAND KANGAROO COURT, another corrupt and fraudulent import from the USA.  RAAB continued to do so unabated whilst simultaneously launching a dishonest fraudulent coup on Johnson, and fraudulently defended allegations of bullying.


RAAB was able to act so unlawfully and dishonestly because he was PROTECTED FROM ABOVE:


Rishi SUNAK delayed and obstructed justice fraudulently and dishonest with the RINSE-REPEAT oft used tactic of calling for a Mickey Mouse investigation that either is rigged in the Government’s favour, else never sees the light of day.

Sir Keir STARMER, Sir Ed Davey, Nicola STURGEON, Alex SALMOND, Ian BLACKFORD, and Mark DRAKEFORD are all bought and paid for and act under false colours and to not mention these facts to Parliament or the public.

Rupert MURDOCH, BT, Jes STALEY, and US sources are paying bribes and backhanders to, else are extorting the corrupt CONSERVATIVE PARTY, Tony Blair and the corrupt Labour Party, Nick Clegg and the corrupt Liberal Democrat Party, Alex SALMOND, and the corrupt SNP.

The corrupt CONSERVATIVE and so-called opposition parties work in an illegal collaboration to mislead the public with propaganda and misinformation spread through their partners in the press.

The EU and US Governments are corrupt and secretly support the corrupt UK parliamentary parties with bribes, use of the EPSTEIN-MAXWELL BLACKMAIL AND EXTORTION SCHEME, including ensuring the details of that scheme are not made public so that it can continue unabated.

It is alleged certain people in your case are being blackmailed under that US Government scheme and they likely include Piers Morgan, like Jes STALEY, an associate of Jeffrey EPSTEIN and Donald Trump.



In the absence of an opposition party the corrupt CONSERVATIVE PARTY is running amok, and its latest EXPENDABLE PUPPET Prime Minster and Government are operating ABOVE THE LAW, and are PROTECTED FROM ABOVE by:

Those US citizens that control the President of the United States of America.

President Biden himself.

The Administration of the United States of America, itself under the nefarious control of its bankers, and certain businesspeople.




The President of the United States of America is under the control of certain individuals that include Rupert MURDOCH, Jes STALEY (former CEO of BARCLAYS BANK) and Jamie Dimon.  Through President Biden they control UK and EU Governments.


Certain US bankers, politicians, business leaders and others are in the process of engineering World War 3 with Russia and China in order to avert a second financial crisis and to allow local governments to introduce draconian anti-human rights laws to conceal their corruption, illegality, dishonesty, and criminality.


Until President Biden takes back control of the US Government and arrests certain individuals all cases in UK courts will be decided in favour of those that bribe the corrupt CONSERVATIVE PARTY in breach of BRIBERY ACT 2010, Fraud Act 2006, Criminal Law Act 1977, the US equivalents, and its FOREIGN CORRUPT PRACTICES ACT.


Therefore, unless President Biden arrests those that launch blackmail and extortion attacks on him you, or anybody else in the UK cannot and will not get a fair trial.


MASTER CRIMINALS who must be arrested and their threat to democracy neutralised include:


Jes STALEY and the rest of the senior management of BARCLAYS BANK.

Jamie DIMON.

Rupert MURDOCH, Lord Rothermere their senior management teams and those of Richard Desmond, and Mirror Group Newspapers.

Other US bankers and businessmen.

Those on the attached IMMEDIATE ARREST LIST.

Those journalists and press employees carrying out illegal surveillance on behalf of Parliament.

Tony BLAIR, Gordon BROWN, Alistair Darling, and the senior leadership of the Labour Party

Alex SALMOND, Ian Blackford, Nicola STURGEON, and the senior leadership of the SNP.

The senior leaderships of the BBC, itv, Channel 4, Channel 5, SKY BROADCASTING GROUP, BRITISH TELECOM, and others.

The senior leaderships of the METROPOLITAN POLICE, other UK police forces,

Rishi SUNAK, Sajid JAVID. Liz Truss, Mel Stride, Jeremy Hunt, Kevin Hollinrake, and others from HM TREASURY.

The corrupt CONSERVATIVE PARTY’S corrupt past and present MPs.

Dominic RAAB and Sir Robert Buckland, and every corrupt UK judge.

The senior leadership and staff of the FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN SERVICE, Ofcom, FCA, CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE, Government Legal Department, Solicitors Regulation Authority, Bank of England, Action Fraud, City of London Police, and others.


This is the greatest story never told – until now!


Patreon, TikTok and YouTube Channels “theequaliser4” have been created to show how Parliament has removed the Rule of Law, the Right to a Fair Trial, Democracy, Parliamentary Sovereignty without mentioning that fact and every Court in the UK is a Dominic RAAB KANGAROO COURT where nobody can get a fair trial. 


PATREON channel – The Equaliser 4, TikTok – theequaliser4, and YouTube – The Equaliser 4 are created to show Parliament is corrupt.  It is paid for by US and UK businesses that control all MPs through the corrupt CONSERVATIVE, Labour, Liberal Democrat, and Scottish National Parties.




THANK GOD FOR TIKTOK – social media BIDEN cannot stop!

Hunters of Paedophiles, their Pimps, and their Protectors including the BBC-Parliament Paedophile Ring and related BBC-Parliament Paedophile Blackmail and Extortion Scheme protected by every living Prime Minister and MP, and Mirror Group Newspapers, Rupert Murdoch, and Lord Rothermere's press and media, and Fraudsters including Rishi Sunak, Sajid Javid, Mel Stride, Liz Truss and my MP the murderous and duplicitous Saqib Bhatti MBE and his corrupt sidekick Katie.

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Incorporating Chartered Accountants fight to establish Fraud as a crime as statute provides in Fraud Act 2006 but denied expressly by West Midlands Police and implicitly by the corrupt Crown Prosecution Service, the corrupt Director of Public Max Hill, and the Birmingham Administrative Dominic RAAB Kangaroo Court.