Hunter of Paedophiles and their Pimps and Protectors

Restore the Rule of Law              Restore the Right to a Fair Trial             Restore Democracy            Jail the Traitors to the UK


Every court in the UK is a DOMINIC RAAB KANGAROO COURT.  Every court and public authority decision is unsafe, or potentially unsafe.  Every decision involving Barclays Bank is rigged in favour of Barclays Bank, the Government, other banks, Mirror Group Newspapers, Rupert Murdoch's corrupt press and Lord Rothermere's press.   

Rishi Sunak, Sajid Javid, their predecessors  as Chancellors of the Exchequer, other HM Treasury MPs, and the Treasury, Fraud, and Justice Select Committees, Liz Truss, Mel Stride, Kevin Hollinrake, Wes Streeting, Steve Barclay and others used the fraudulent Financial Ombudsman Service and fraudulent Financial Conduct Authority to keep Jes Staley, Barclays Bank and other banks above the law.

They conspired with Price Waterhouse Coopers, Barclays Bank's auditors, and others, to remove an estimated £100,000,000 (one hundred billion pounds) of contingent liabilities off  Barclays' and other banks' balance sheets and that estimated one hundred billion pounds of contingent liabilities are now public contingent liabilities.

Sir Keir Starmer, Sir Chris Bryant, Nick Clegg, Ed Davey, Ian Blackford, Alex Salmond, Wes Streeting, Yvette Cooper, Theresa May and others have removed democracy and misled Parliament and the public about that fact, 

I will destroy your house of sin, and I will do it from within, the Rule of Law, once it has been established once more, I will jail Baroness Zahida Manzoor, Andy Howell, Ken Rose,  and Andrew Bailey, and Caroline Wayman, Dame Gillian Guy, Salina Akhtar, Clement Bottet and Jes Staley, I will jail Saqib Bhatti MBE and his corrupt sidekick Katie, I will jail the corrupt judiciary, the corrupt Sir Keir Starmer and every other corrupt Public Prosecutor, including Max Hill the present sycophant incumbent.



 They did so to inflate Barclays Bank's income and share price fraudulently, dishonsetly, and embarked on a conspiracy to conceal their crime that includes HM Treasury, the Bank of England, the Treasury Select Committee, the Fraud Select Committee, the Privileges Select Committee, the Justice Select Committee, the Financial Ombudsman Service, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Metropolitan Police, West Midlands Police, the Government Legal Department, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and others.

They also leveraged existing corrupt Parliamentary processes including Parliament's Brutalisation, Intimidation, Retribution, Retaliation and Persecution Scheme, various bribery and blackmail schemes, fraudulent policies, committees, fake stories through the press of Rupert Murdoch, Lord Rothermere, Mirror Group Newspapers, the Telegraph, the Times, the Guardian, the BBC, Sky News, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and the sickest most vilest of all:

THE BBC and PARLIAMENT'S PAEDOPHILE BLACKMAIL and EXTORTION SCHEME to extort victims and facilitation and support of the  Jeffrey Epstein- Ghislaine Maxwell fronted US Blackmail Scheme including its sex-trafficking an underage US girl and an extortion attack on Prince Andrew.


The vile, sick, and evil BBC and the UK Parliament are Paedophiles, Paedophile Pimps, and their Handlers and they do it for money!

Exposing and bringing to justice the BBC-Parliament Paedophile Ring and the BBC-Parliament Paedophile Blackmail and Extortion Scheme

The BBC and Parliament continue to lie through their corrupt teeth with impunity because they are protected by the corrupt European Kangaroo Court of Justice, the corrupt European Kangaroo Court of Human Rights, the International Kangaroo Criminal Court, Jes Staley, BARCLAYS BANK,  certain US bankers and the corrupt administration of President Joe Biden.  

Jail Rishi  Sunak, Dominic Raab, Sajid Javid, Sir Keir Starmer, Sir Chis Bryant, Wes Streeting, Suella Braverman, Saqib Bhatti MBE, Sir Tony Blair, Clementine Bottet, Andy Howell, Salina Akhtar, Dame Gillian Guy, Baroness Zahida Manzoor of the fraudulent FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN SERVICE

Hunters of Paedophiles, their Pimps, and their Protectors including the BBC-Parliament Paedophile Ring and related BBC-Parliament Paedophile Blackmail and Extortion Scheme protected by every living Prime Minister and MP, and Mirror Group Newspapers, Rupert Murdoch, and Lord Rothermere's press and media, and Fraudsters including Rishi Sunak, Sajid Javid, Mel Stride, Liz Truss and my MP the murderous and duplicitous Saqib Bhatti MBE and his corrupt sidekick Katie.

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David and Goliath Black Paedophile and Fraudster Hunters

Incorporating Chartered Accountants fight to establish Fraud as a crime as statute provides in Fraud Act 2006 but denied expressly by West Midlands Police and implicitly by the corrupt Crown Prosecution Service, the corrupt Director of Public Max Hill, and the Birmingham Administrative Dominic RAAB Kangaroo Court.